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Round Button Suction Cups

30mm Round Button Suction Cup

"Standard" type suction cups. Available in a variety of strengths & sizes. These suction cups have a wide variety of everyday uses and can accommodate a wide range of self hanging products.

Thumb Tack Suction Cups

20mm Thumb Tack Suction Cup

These suction cups come with a separate tack which can be pushed through a small hole in your item into the back of the suction cup for a secure fit. This allows items to be secured with a smaller hole than standard suction cups.

Thumb Screw Suction Cups

40mm Thumb Screw Suction Cup

Where a more secure or semi-permanent fixing is required. These are the ideal choice for screw-mountable signs. Nuts can be tightened by hand with no tools required.

Metal Hook Suction Cups

45mm Metal Hook Suction Cup

Supplied with the Metal Hooks attached. These suction cups have a wide variety of uses ranging from window mounted signs to Christmas decorations. The metal hooks provide the versatility to secure items where standard suction cups would be unsuitable.

Sign Holder Suction Cups

25mm Sign Holder Suction Cup

Quickly and easily display signs without the need to make holes in them. The signs simply slot into the suction cups providing a secure hold without causing any damage to the signs and saving time and effort.


Swivel Clip Suction Cups

30mm Swivel Clip Suction Cup

Fairly self explanatory - these suction cups come fitted with a swivel clip. The ultimate in ease of use, the clips simply peg onto your item and can accommodate a variety of different thicknesses up to approximately 1cm!

Side Hole Suction Cups

45mm Side Hole Suction Cup

With a hole through the side of the head, these suction cups are suited to hanging items using wire, string, dowels etc to provide a secure fixing.


Double Sided Suction Cups

20mm Double Sided Suction Cup

Have a suction cup on both sides and can be positioned between smooth surfaces. Can be used as a spacer or gripper for transporting glass or fragile materials. Hold securely and keep parallel surfaces evenly separated & safely cushioned.